Click the pictures for full size shots.

Pictures (lit by a Light 100ft spell) of the upper floors of the tower. From left to right: the Master’s private balcony, the enchantment room (complete with new enchantment altar model) and the reading room (below the Master’s balcony)

190208x1.jpg 190208x2.jpg 190208x3.jpg

A small selection of screens from the very much WIP exterior of Tel Aryon.

310108x4.jpg 310108x5.jpg

Here’s a mockup interior for a tower, just to show off a few of the new interior tileset models.

290108x01.jpg 290108x02.jpg 290108x03.jpg

290108x04.jpg 290108x05.jpg 290108x06.jpg

These are actually exteriors from Tel Uvirith, which I was designing for the TESIV:Vvardenfell project. Generally the same models though.

07.22.07 x1 07.22.07 x2 07.22.07 x3

07.22.07 x4 07.22.07 x5 07.22.07 x6


2 responses

18 05 2008
Mag1c Wind0w

It is a very beautiful work ! This Telvanni architecture have nice meshes and textures ! Confratulations ! Good work !!! 🙂

11 06 2008

It’s very beautiful!!!

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