The Tel Aryon project is firstly a modders’ resource, then eventually the Telvanni town mod I’ve been looking forward to making. Here’s a list of assets included in the Tel Aryon resource pack:

    • Large tower
    • Housepods
    • Roots
    • Doors
    • Doorjamb
    • Stairs
    • Platforms
    • Market stalls
    • Mushroom trees
    • Lampposts/signposts
    • Bridges
    • Docks
    • Other small ornamentation

The exterior assets are pretty much finished – I’m still fiddling with a few textures but other than that it looks pretty good. I might add slave cages though…

    • Tall tower room tileset
    • Small tower room tileset
    • Corridors (upper and lower class)
    • Turrets
    • Large corridor tileset
    • Transition to cave
    • Housepod interiors DONE
    • Vertical levitation shafts DONE
    • Supporting beams (roots) DONE
    • Small bits and pieces to fill gaps
    • Internal stairs DONE
    • More decorative internal roots
    • Doors and doorjambs DONE

A fairly exhaustive list of what I plan on doing – but of course, all suggestions are more than welcome.

All the models featured in Tel Aryon are designed by me, based off Bethesda’s original models from Morrowind. Some textures were also made by me, but the high-quality, Morrowind-alike textures are from a Morrowind Telvanni Texture Replacer by Plangkye, which I’m using in this mod per his/her readme instructions.


One response

11 06 2008

You made really great work! I’m waiting playable version of your mod)))

PS:sorry for my english,I don’t know it very well

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