Tileset release!

12 04 2008

I’ve decided to publish the tileset as a modders’ resource:


Happy modding people! It’s been too long in the making, and now that it’s in a useable state I haven’t got any time to mod anymore. Still, I hope others can bring the Telvanni to Cyrodiil!



18 02 2008

I’m pretty much done with the main architecture pieces, and after some great feedback from the community I’ve squashed many nasty meshes and UV maps. So now it’s time for some fun… here’s a WIP for an Enchanting Altar. I’m not sure that I love it, but it’s along the right lines… any input is gladly accepted of course!


EDIT: slightly updated to make the crystal/root interface a little more organic, and a shelf.


Filling in the gaps

15 02 2008

While I’m sure there will be loads of little issues to fix in the larger meshes, I felt it was definitely important to get some of the little things done. One thing I’ve done today is plant pots:

150208x3.jpg 150208x4.jpg

Not very illuminating I know – they aren’t any use out of context. But the other work of today was one of my favourite bits from Morrowind. Not a very large or impressive thing, but the little paper lanterns! Some brilliant textures have been appropriated borrowed with gratitude from the Khalazza Morrowind Visual Pack 2.11, which again states in the readme that the files can be used in mods. So, the lanterns:

 150208x2.jpg 150208x1.jpg

I think these guys looks great!

Preview available to those that want it

14 02 2008

Alrighty everyone… or rather, the eight or nine people who are interested in this project P

I’ve put together a preview pack. It’s fairly complete and I’d like for people to have a play with it, but NOT RELEASE MODS WITH IT OR REDISTRIBUTE THE FILES )

Things that are NOT included in this release are:

– The large corridor set
– A transition to cave (will be done, is essential for an underground dungeon
– Slave cages (for reasons as below)
– and the most important one… animated doors.

I haven’t made the doors usable yet, as I have no idea how to do it! There are a couple of load doors included in this pack but no animated ones – if anyone has any idea how to do them then please let me know, I’ve got models but no know-how )

It works very well indeed if you have a grid snap to 256 – the interior tiles’ dimensions are either 256 or 512, in general, or are centered to take advantage of the grid.

I would like, as it says in the readme, copious and merciless feedback.

If you would like me to send this preview pack to you, email me: jonesthebond at gmail dot com. If I send out the models to you, I’d appreciate a few comments on it somewhere, so I can make it better before I make a full release.

Anyway that was a lot of rambling. Cheers for all the help guys!

Door trouble

13 02 2008

Well the tileset is coming along nicely – it’s almost complete. One problem I have is doors, as I have no idea how to make them animate. I’ll be looking into this as my next priority.

Today’s work involved a small hall doorjamb, another door, a few more decorative bits and a lot of file renaming. No pics today, but I’ll perhaps do a roundup tomorrow.

Can’t resist

13 02 2008

Odds on there will be a better update later on, but I just had to show off Plangkye’s amazing internal door texture:


A good day

12 02 2008

Lots of productivity today, when I probably should have been doing other things. Never mind eh. Yes I have for you lots of new screens! Here’s what today has been all about:

  • Fixed some dodgy UVs
  • Changed some textures around (more of Plangkye’s, less of mine)
  • Fixed the hall ramp to align the floor
  • Fixed or remade some dodgy collision meshes
  • Made a new internal small spiral root
  • Made supporting beams for “small” (256-high) rooms
  • Made another turret variant
  • and the best bits…
    • Made interiors for housepods, with optional stairs/mezzanine
    • Tall stairs, CW and CCW, for tall internal rooms or wherever you like

The stairs were the bit I really didn’t want to do – but I ate the frog and got on with them today. A whole batch of screenshots is right here.

120208x1.jpg Oh what a cool door texture! One of Plangkye’s, of course

120208x2.jpg More of Plangkye’s textures on the housepods

120208x3.jpg A new shot of the Tel Aryon town layout, just to show new textures really

120208x4.jpg 120208x5.jpg Interiors of housepods, without and with optional mezzanine and stairs

120208x6.jpg Supports for small rooms

120208x7.jpg 120208x8.jpg Stairs! They come in both CW and CCW flavours

120208x9.jpg  Decorative root… I used this one way too much in the TES3CS

So, enjoy, leave comments here, or in the thread on the official forums, or on the one at Oblivion’s Real Estate!