About Tel Aryon

Tel Aryon, and the tileset it’s built with, represents my first ever foray into 3D modelling, texturing and decent Oblivion modding. Its progenitor, Tel Aryon 1.2 east of Cheydinhal, was built with standard Oblivion assets, and wasn’t bad considering, but I was massively vexed by the limitations of using 10x sized mushrooms handplaced to make entire rooms (Tel Aryon 1.2 contained over 1500 hand placed mushrooms!) The majority of the assets in this project are made with open source software.

Credit where it’s due:

All models and some textures (the worse-looking ones) by me, JonSatriani

High-quality, true-to-original Telvanni textures by Plangkye from his Telvanni Texture Replacer for Morrowind

The new interior floortile texture was provided by kalikut

Honourable mentions go to:

Ghogiel of ESForums, for answering many useless beginner questions
ev1 of ESForums/Silgrad Tower, for similar useless questions, general support and chitchat
Razorwing and Dave_91 of Silgrad Tower, along with the rest of the TESIV:Vvardenfell and Silgrad Tower crew, for much modelling help and creative input
Phitt for phixing mod-breaking problems with unerring speed
All at ESForums, ESIV:Vvardenfell and Oblivion’s Real Estate forums who give invaluable criticism and comments

Tools used:

Nifskope/Niftools for Blender
Kenwood Filter Coffee Maker


4 responses

18 01 2008

They look great, mate. Keep it up.

31 01 2008

It keeps getting better… the interior screenshots are very impressive. Keep it up. 😉

6 02 2008

Loving the new interior wall textures 😉

18 05 2008
Mag1c Wind0w

Franchement, je ne trouve pas de mots pour désigner ce travail magnifique ! C’est une pure merveille ! Incroyable ! Magnifique !
Bon, je vais tenter de m’exprimer en anglais :
It’s very beautiful ! Good work ! (sorry, I can’t speak english very well ! 😉 )

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