Tileset release!

12 04 2008

I’ve decided to publish the tileset as a modders’ resource:


Happy modding people! It’s been too long in the making, and now that it’s in a useable state I haven’t got any time to mod anymore. Still, I hope others can bring the Telvanni to Cyrodiil!




2 responses

13 04 2008


Will you be releasing Tel Aryon as a beta?

I would love to use it as is, or maybe even complete it.


15 12 2008

Jon, I finally got around to finding time to mod with your tile set. With the expection of a few meshes, I am able to use your 1.0 tile set. I have had alot of problems with 1.1
I am not sure what’s going on. Most of the textures are pink when I made an esp from the 1.1 files. And I don’t know what to do with the Plangkye’s textures folder.

I am ok though, I have enough to work with, in addition to Shivering Isles to build a tower though. But if you ever get this message, stop by ORE and if you can, give me your thoughts

Hope life is well, take care

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