18 02 2008

I’m pretty much done with the main architecture pieces, and after some great feedback from the community I’ve squashed many nasty meshes and UV maps. So now it’s time for some fun… here’s a WIP for an Enchanting Altar. I’m not sure that I love it, but it’s along the right lines… any input is gladly accepted of course!


EDIT: slightly updated to make the crystal/root interface a little more organic, and a shelf.





2 responses

4 03 2008

Hi, just checking in to see what your up to. Hope things are well and your still having fun. Say, even though your not done, can I use 2 parts of your beta set now? I’d like to use the interior end cap. And the small house pod. I can wait, but I’d like to go ahead and try to work out a design. 🙂 Thanks

2 04 2008

I like the enchanting alter. If I had to do anything more to it, then maybe making the trunk a little skinnier compared to the top. Just a honest opinion.

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