Preview available to those that want it

14 02 2008

Alrighty everyone… or rather, the eight or nine people who are interested in this project P

I’ve put together a preview pack. It’s fairly complete and I’d like for people to have a play with it, but NOT RELEASE MODS WITH IT OR REDISTRIBUTE THE FILES )

Things that are NOT included in this release are:

– The large corridor set
– A transition to cave (will be done, is essential for an underground dungeon
– Slave cages (for reasons as below)
– and the most important one… animated doors.

I haven’t made the doors usable yet, as I have no idea how to do it! There are a couple of load doors included in this pack but no animated ones – if anyone has any idea how to do them then please let me know, I’ve got models but no know-how )

It works very well indeed if you have a grid snap to 256 – the interior tiles’ dimensions are either 256 or 512, in general, or are centered to take advantage of the grid.

I would like, as it says in the readme, copious and merciless feedback.

If you would like me to send this preview pack to you, email me: jonesthebond at gmail dot com. If I send out the models to you, I’d appreciate a few comments on it somewhere, so I can make it better before I make a full release.

Anyway that was a lot of rambling. Cheers for all the help guys!




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