Floor texture woes

12 02 2008

I just can’t make or find a suitable texture for the interior floors… y’know, the golden tiles. If anyone has any ideas where I can find one, or could make one themselves, please let me know!




2 responses

12 02 2008

Well, I know you wanted to use the morrowind textures for that floor, the golden ones, but how about using a textue from real life like a shitake mushroom? Although, I’ve got to say, most of us house modders are going to cover the floors with carpets and furnature, and pillows like in the morrowind game.

Thanks again!

12 02 2008

Hmm yes, the ones I am using at the moment are kinda more… organic-ish, but I’d really like to use something similar to the originals. I’m using my Morrowind floor textures in there at the moment for testing purposes and they definitely look better!

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