A good day

12 02 2008

Lots of productivity today, when I probably should have been doing other things. Never mind eh. Yes I have for you lots of new screens! Here’s what today has been all about:

  • Fixed some dodgy UVs
  • Changed some textures around (more of Plangkye’s, less of mine)
  • Fixed the hall ramp to align the floor
  • Fixed or remade some dodgy collision meshes
  • Made a new internal small spiral root
  • Made supporting beams for “small” (256-high) rooms
  • Made another turret variant
  • and the best bits…
    • Made interiors for housepods, with optional stairs/mezzanine
    • Tall stairs, CW and CCW, for tall internal rooms or wherever you like

The stairs were the bit I really didn’t want to do – but I ate the frog and got on with them today. A whole batch of screenshots is right here.

120208x1.jpg Oh what a cool door texture! One of Plangkye’s, of course

120208x2.jpg More of Plangkye’s textures on the housepods

120208x3.jpg A new shot of the Tel Aryon town layout, just to show new textures really

120208x4.jpg 120208x5.jpg Interiors of housepods, without and with optional mezzanine and stairs

120208x6.jpg Supports for small rooms

120208x7.jpg 120208x8.jpg Stairs! They come in both CW and CCW flavours

120208x9.jpg  Decorative root… I used this one way too much in the TES3CS

So, enjoy, leave comments here, or in the thread on the official forums, or on the one at Oblivion’s Real Estate!




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