Boring bits… in a way

11 02 2008

Back at the computer after a week or so in London. I’ve been working out the logistics of working in Cambridge and living in London, which meant getting back on a bike for the first time in 10 years. All good fun! Then found a flat in north London, everything’s going swimmingly.

Err anyway, on to the Tel Aryon news. I’ve been tightening up a few meshes, but the main things I’ve been doing are the vertical levitation shafts, with ways to access them from the halls. These bits are really hard to screenshot ingame so I’ve grabbed a few from Nifskope – they might not mean much to some people, but you’ll surely recognise the pieces if you ever modded Telvanni in Morrowind.

  110208x1.jpg Vertical levitation shaft

110208x2.jpg Hall endcap

110208x3.jpg Ceiling cap, to fill in the top hole of the 6-way cross… don’t even know why I posted this one

110208x4.jpg  This is a 5-way cross, 4-way arches + one vertical entry

110208x5.jpg  This is the 6-way, as above but with a hole in the floor for vertical access

 Hope those mean something to somebody!




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