Small interior set

5 02 2008

Having gotten a little bit annoyed with the alignment of some of the vertical shafts, I turned my attention to the small (single storey, 256 units high) interior tileset. The results are fine – see screens – not exactly new though, as all the textures are the same. Here we go though… really not that far off now from having a full interior tileset.

 050208x1.jpg 050208x2.jpg

So I think here is a list of things left to do, interior-wise:

  • Vertical levitation shafts, with appropriate hall connectors
  • A closed end cap for the halls
  • Housepod interiors, with two floors and stairs
  • Stairs
  • Support beams (roots)
  • A couple of little extra bits like shelf fungus-like platforms etc

And possibly the large hallway tileset, which was very cool… in fact thinking about it, how could I leave it out?

So in fact I’m about half way with the interiors. Keep watching; progress is good. I also have a start date for my new job (a Media Relations Executive for the Royal Society of Chemistry) so I’m definitely aiming to finish (the tileset resources at least) by March 3rd.




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