3 12 2007

…I’ve managed to clear my backlog of other work, such as science writing and computer fixing. Well almost. Enough to really get to grips with Tel Aryon again at any rate!

So if anyone has any comments to make at the beginning of the middle of my modelling adventure, please write them here. I’ll take anything – criticism, suggestions, requests… just scribble it down in a comment here.




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4 12 2007

Hi there Archmagister!, Looking good! Say, I had an idea. If you run into too much trouble with interiro statics and collision; You could take a free resource such as the pundab set, which has both rectangular, and spherical parts, and collision, and just retexture it? I know it’s not the same, but in a pinch it might work out. Anyway. Just wanted to say how much I like the color choices you picked for you exteriors.

Also perhaps in a pinch you could use a Shivering Isles root model, and just tell people they need that expansion pack. ??

Best wishes.
Long live House Telvanni!

4 12 2007

This spambot is a little overzealous! I rescued the last comment.

I will be battering away at my interiors for a bit – I’m sure it must be something simple. If not I’ll just start remaking collision meshes and try from there.

The tunnels in SI are very cool and I considered just using those, but then got stuck into the Vvardenfell project and decided to redo the whole lot.

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